Thursday 30 April 2009

Blog Banter 7 - Roads Not Followed

I've decided to ninja onto this month's Blog Banter. The topic this time comes from CrazyKinux: "What 3 things haven’t you done in EVE and why? Would you be willing to try one day? Why so? Why not?"

What have I NOT done in Eve? Someone in the Bastards once asked me how long I'd been playing since I seemed to have so much experience; what I've not actually done myself, I've absorbed information about from people I know who have... or I've used an alt. So picking three things I've not done yet is actually quite difficult. Let's see....

1. Faction Warfare
My primary occupation as a pirate in Eve keeps me rather too busy to invest time into this. I did consider putting an alt into a FW NPC corp, very, very briefly. Long enough to remember what highsec mercenary work had been like, and to ponder what that would be like coupled with an inability to enter half of Eve's highsec systems without being shot at. Additionally, based on what I've heard from people who have engaged in FW and my own experience fighting FW pilots, what I know of the Faction Warfare style of gameplay simply does not appeal to me.

2. Joined an RP corp
I've done my share of RP, both on this blog where it really just adds depth to my own Eve experience, and in designated chat channels. Being part of a fully-RP corp would, I think, just overwhelm me -- it's stressful enough trying to stay In Character in a simple chat, actually playing in-character would drive me nuts.

3. Trained for a capital ship
The main reason behind this is that I simply haven't the kill for it. Matthias and Abbel were trying to talk me into it ages ago when I was still in Atrocitas, and I said NO! because losing small ships is bad enough, losing battleships hurts, and risking something as expensive as a carrier was not the sort of gamble I could ever feel comfortable with. Of the three things listed here, this is perhaps the only one I might change in the future, but I'd be more likely to use an alt for it to simplify the logistics of moving stuff around.


Anonymous said...

:) Like you for some reason I am wary of FW. One day I am sure I will have to try it. My corp does not RP nor does that really appeal to me at this point.

Capital ships. A carrier I have recently changed my mind on, getting out to 0.0 is tough to do so the ability to move my gear out there woudld be awesome.

Achernar said...

I am in a FW roleplay corp. Basically, if you hang around in your FW hub, you will be able to join medium-sized fleets and get the hang of things. You can also join small frig gangs and have small-time noob-friendly fun defending complexes. Some FW corps base themselves deep into low-sec, which obviously makes for a more interesting territory-holding experience. For example, I had great fun when FOOM and STRIX were in the Urpiken constellation. Lately, I have experienced hostile high-sec raiding which is fun too.
I suspect it does not beat being a merry space pirate, though.

About the RP part: people really should not be intimidated by that. This RP constraint does not feel heavy as soon as you identify the places where you can do your in-character thing and the places where you can just relax. If anything, it gives topics to talk about.

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