Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Farewell

I read the post on the alliance forums, then read it again, feeling my eyes sting a little. My throat tightened as I sat back, feeling inexplicably bereft.

He couldn't leave. He couldn't...

He'd been part of my life since I joined the Hellcats, like the devil-may-care little brother you love to have around to get you into trouble. It was selfish, I knew, to want someone to stay because you love them, but the thought of no longer being able to fly with him left me feeling cold.

Was it because of what had happened last month? I doubted it; he was stronger than that.

I got up and shut the console down, then went down to the By Jove. If nothing else, I could spend what time remained with him before he left.


Kirith Kodachi said...


Anonymous said...

Who is leaving?

Anonymous said...

yea, it hit me rather hard as well, taking me under his wing as a new Hellcats recruit, teaching me how to yell "yarr" at break neck speeds.

It's almost like it's a death in the family, not a "I'll see ya later".

I must go mourn now, I just lost a brother. =\

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