Monday, 25 August 2008


Tbh, I didn't really consider using Blogger this way until Mynxee showed up in Antem tonight and I took a peek at her bio (because let's face it, I'm curious about the others who play Eve, and sometimes you can make some cool friends that way), followed a link and discovered other people who like to record their experiences in the game. And it makes sense - in its own way the game is as real as anything in RL. It affects us the way RL events affect us. Who hasn't ragelogged at least once after a severely crappy shiploss? if it wasn't 'real', wouldn't it be easier to laugh off? Just as people blog about their daily lives, one can blog about experiences in a virtual world totally unconnected to our own... though there are significantly fewer people who can sympathise :p

I've had a LiveJournal account for years, but recently I ran into a minor problem: namely, that while my friends like keeping up with how things are going, they don't necessarily want to hear about my adventures in gaming, particularly in Eve, since it means little to them. I had to vent about a situation I found myself in about a month and a half ago, so I used my LJ for it. Unsurprisingly, it was greeted with a collective eye-rolling and a comment that perhaps I ought to shut the computer off and do something productive.

When your production in Real Life also involves the computer (Photoshop and word-processing), this isn't the most helpful comment to recieve.

I put up a few other Eve-related posts, more for my own benefit than anything else. Reaction: rinse and repeat. It was time to create a separate blog, where I can geek about and hopefully connect with people who will understand what I mean when I say I hate bubbles with a passion and take great pleasure in slipping through camped gates and stations and scouting friends safely through dangerous territory.

Hi. My name's Shae Tiann. I've had positive sec status for all of three weeks since I started playing Eve a year and one week ago. Then I joined a merc corp, Under the Wings of Fury, and the descent towards outlaw began.

Starting pvp as a highsec mercenary and gatecamping MHC - Harroule during the down-times was probably the best way I could have chosen to get into it. It's not like I could have found mining interesting, or stayed with pve, never to fit a warp disruptor: I started gaming by headshotting my way through rounds of CounterStrike (no h4x necessary :p) and causing havoc in multiplayer Worms and Unreal Tournament. Now I play Eve Online and dabble in City of Villains (trying the hero route was annoying).

At the same time, I try to 'play nice' - when I was with Atrocitas, we made a reputation based on professionalism and a certain level of honour, and I like to maintain that now that I've 'left home', so to speak. I help newbies (the ones who genuinely need help), I'll scout former blues as they move their stuff out of the region, I've helped carebears learn to pvp. There are situations where I'll leap in, drones out and turrets hot, and times when I'll sit back and say, 'You're on your own'.

I guess that's the difference between being an antisocial cock... and simply wanting to have fun ^_^


Mynxee said...

Ahhhh....and look where all that curiosity has gotten you, LOL! I knew you were cool the minute we began to chat in Local!

CrazyKinux said...

Hi Shae,

As you know, I recently added you to my EVE Player Blogroll. If you could add a link or a little post about it that would be great. It’s not an obligation though! =)

Happy blogging!

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