Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Logistics Grind

It's now been three days of sitting in the same bloody station whilst overseeing my hauler buddy's moving of stuff into Decon. Lordy, it's enough to drive you mad. I reached the point last night where I could no longer bear to run fits through EFT and simply logged off in favour of spending time with my Significant Other (who reads this occasionally even though he no longer plays Eve, bless you, sweetie).

The logistics of moving is probably the most tedious part of Eve. It never gets easier, nor faster. There are methods to simplify the process, but those have their own hangups.

I'm a bit of a pack-rat, in the 'I want to have enough spare modules to outfit a replacement ship quickly' sense. Trouble is, I've had that mentality since I started, and maybe 2/3 of my stuff will never actually be used anymore, as my skills have improved and thus the ship loadouts upgraded. With the last system-move when I was in UnSec, I gave nearly everything into my best friend's keeping, to be stored in a single system in highsec a few jumps from my lowsec base, so that bits can be brought down as needed. It simplifies things quite a bit, but now my mate has a hangar with nearly 400 different types of modules, drones and ammo. That's right: different types. Everything is repackaged and stacked. There's enough stuff rattling around in there to fit out several dozen low-end cheap frigates and cruisers, and maybe a spare battlecruiser.

Why the bloody hell do I have so much stuff?

And the funny part was that, after going through the stacks, my hauler buddy still had to make a trip to Oursulaert to obtain a bunch of parts, because my fitting lists have upgraded again!

So three days spent working out new, upgraded fits, parsing through what I already have, then cramming it into a hyperextended hauler and waiting for Decon to not be scarily busy. And I'm left with aching eyes, a headache, and a cruiser which doesn't have a point because for some reason I forgot to pack it. D'oh.
(Special thankies to Mynxee who just now loaned me a spare point ^_^)

Long, long hours spent in tedium, watching DG3N having fun in Local, wishing I had a ready, useable ship other than the battleship... it's like being under house-arrest under Mum's orders until your room is clean. It's worse than moving in Real Life, because it's not like you can stuff everything in bin-bags and toss it in the back of your mate's Land Rover to be sorted out later; it's all very precise, specific, and everything needs to fit together into combat-worthy ships at the far end.


The least fun part of Eve, and yet the most necessary if I don't want to be in a similar position to the one I was in with Tygris, where my unfitted ships were in one system and my cans of gear and ammo in another, several jumps away through Lower Syndicate. In the name of fun, do we put ourselves through such torment and tribulation.

But it's worth it in the end, as I breathe a sigh of relief that I won't have to run logistics for the next wee while... at least, not until I lose the ships I just had brought in.

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Mynxee said...

Sounds like it's time we made kamikaze roams part of our weekly agenda .... help you lose some of that excess crap :)

Personally I sell off, give away, reprocess, or toss in the corp hangar the unused stuff in my hangar...or dump it all into one station container labeled "Bin" :)

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