Friday, 22 May 2009

Arby Lonesome Tonight?

I checked in early at my office, the desire to cause severe property damage running hot. The last couple days had been frustrating, with work preventing me from stretching my wings, and the bland Caldari architecture was beginning to grate just a little.

Nobody was about and nothing was happening. No problems. I had my Thorax Switchblade prepped and podded up while I waited. There was something just so.... right about the feeling of linking into the ship. I've been flying inties too much, maybe; Switchblade missed me. It was like being hugged by an old friend, a friend who -- like myself -- had survived beyond death too many times to remember.

I started to roam, out from Evati towards Molden Heath. It was largely quiet, only haulers and shuttles running back and forth at this time of the day. I generally don't bother with such targets: being under sentry-fire in anything less than a battlecruiser isn't smart, and 95% of them would just be moving rubbish and personnel.

I was in Ingunn when my comms chirped. Fleet invite? Who...?

It was Jorge. While we'd stayed in contact, he'd disappeared into nullsec to bring his security status back up over a week before. What was he doing in Ingunn?

Accepting the invite, I tuned into the Hellcats comms.

'Hey, you, what are you doing out here?'

He sounded shy. 'Well, I got my sec to -5.3--'

'Almost there.'

'Yeah, almost. But then... I just started thinking. Killing Guristas has been driving me insane. It's boring. And even though I talked to Letrange about joining his corp, and have to be highsec-capable for it... I miss pirating.'

'You can take the pirate out of low-sec, but you can't take low-sec out of the pirate,' I quoted.

Something hit the hull of my cruiser, harmlessly bouncing the ship a couple hundred metres. I reoriented my cameras to see Jorge in his Pilgrim recon, playfully bumping me around.

'Aww, did you miss me?'

There was a moment of silence; then he said, 'Yeah. Wanna go hunting?'

We toyed with a Retriever and a Rifter on a station for a bit; the Rifter bumped me and Jorge popped him for his troubles. The Rifter pilot turned out to be fresh from the academy and didn't seem to understand that he wouldn't be getting a full new ship back to replace his loss.
Shae Tiann > hi there :)
Riviak > lol
Riviak > dude, you destroyed my ship, dun think I can get it back lol
Shae Tiann > you can't get anything back out here
Riviak > lol you suck
Shae Tiann > you get some ISK as insurance payout
Riviak > didn't have insurance
Shae Tiann > you get some basic insurance
Shae Tiann > it's automatic
Shae Tiann > tbh, two days old pilot shouldn't be in lowsec
I fear for some new pilots, they seem to still be lost in that fantasy-world where everything is an easy grind away.

After an hour of roaming we caught a lone Arbitrator in a belt on our way back. Props to Max Hound for putting up a good fight, focussing mostly on Jorge while using a tracking-disruptor (which for some reason isn't showing on the boards) on me. He'd have been better off TDing Jorge and trying to melt me: Jorge had the tank, I was fit for damage, and the disruptor stopped doing its job when I stopped moving.

Despite the lack of carnage, it was a good roam, and good to be flying with Jorge again.


cain jacobi said...

good post shae. always a pleasure to read.

Anonymous said...

Definitely. There is nothing quite like flying with your peeps... esp ones who have exactly the same level of bloodlust as you do :)


Raxip Elamp said...

Nice post, Shae. Short but sweet. It's interestign about the Tracking Disruptor not showing up on the boards, I recently lost an arbitrator also and the TD didn't show up on my loss.

Kyle Langdon said...

If I weren't in wormhole space I would come fly with you.

Helicity Boson said...

Hmm he should have loaded some scripts in that TD. They really don't work nearly as well without them imho :)

(protip: reducing someone's optimal and falloff to like 300m is very nice)

That said, no single arbitrator is going to kill it's T2 variant and the ever WTFBBQ damage of a thorax at the same time X)

Shae Tiann said...

@Hel - by that time, Jorge was in an Arby, himself. And there were scripts: one dropped and the other burned.

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