Wednesday, 3 September 2008

'Get out of our system'

I've never felt so alone.

Curled up in my poor old Helios, safed and cloaked after scouting a friend's hauler in and out for the smaller bits of my gear, the local reds get pissed off at me for simply being there.

I've done nothing to them, apart from the war Atrocitas was hired for months ago. I stay docked, or drift around cloaked watching. Just watching. I tried to collect intel, but there was no reason to collect it: UnSec is dying, the ceo's reply to my leaving notice was that he simply can't be bothered to log in anymore, and slowly people are moving out. I may well be the last person in here; I don't know. Every day there are fewer and fewer friendlies around. It's mostly me alone in a system full of red.

I was actually rather starting to like them. I think my problem is that I'm just too willing to be friendly with people... certainly more so inclined than they are towards me. Not such a great attribute in a world where anyone you don't know is a potential target or potential trouble. I was diplomat for Atrocitas, and I'd like to think I did a good job of moderating the boys' Shoot-First-Apologise-Later urges with the need for a modicum of security, but I'm not a diplomat anymore - just some random outlaw who's not noticed the welcome mat was rolled up.

Getting a carrier in here to lift my ships out could be problematical. As with most pirates, they'll pop the cyno ship in a trice, and cheerfully throw everything they've got if it means a carrier on the killboards.

I never feel wholly safe anymore - hell, I got paranoid around the friends a corpmate called around when we went to check out the Eve Gate - but occasionally I need a reminder that I'm stationed in an openly hostile area. It's easy to get too comfortable, sometimes.