Monday, 6 October 2008

Half-brick in a sock

Ever since the last patch went through, Eve's had startup and graphics issues for me. Unexplainable ones, including weird colour settings, forgetting that I run in Windowed mode, and always have, and once everything going stark white and laggier than the worst fight I've ever been in.

I went to log in earlier this evening, and while I was attempting to re-set Eve to Windowed, it froze, locked the system up, and all I could do was hard-restart.

And for the last six, maybe eight hours (I lost track of when the problem occurred), Eve simply hasn't loaded. Not even a login screen, and nothing I've tried has made the damnedest bit of difference.

I hate reinstalling Eve. I think everyone does. You lose your settings; if you're REALLY unlucky like me, you sometimes lose bookmarks, channels, and more. At least, thanks to some freak of game-installation weirdness, all my captures and logs are safe, or as safe as they can be on the C drive (you know, the drive you wipe if you ever have to reinstall the os? yeah...)

The worst of it is having to reset your overview. It's a bitch. In fact, it's a bitch and a half. If the reinstallation process is like being mugged by a hoodie, resetting your overview is like being beaten with a half-brick tied up in a sock after you've peaceably handed over your wallet and mobile to the slimy skag. I don't know why overview settings aren't easier, or saved off in the system, or something... maybe this is the only way it can be done.

It would REALLY be nice if you could adjust your overview settings whilst docked, but instead you have to potentially put yourself and your hull at risk to fix the display so you can actually find things in space.

Other things you have to remember:
- Audio settings
- Graphics settings
- Turn auto-lock OFF, for fucksake; talk about a stupid function, if you're going into pvp
- Preferred colour-scheme (I use different ones for primary and secondary accounts so I don't mistake one for the other)
- Turn welcome pages off (really irritating, even if you're totally unfamiliar to things)
- Turn tutorials off (only annoying if you've gone through them already)

I didn't lose my bookmarks this time around, which is a relief. But I'm still fixing settings, and sitting in a safespot in a frigate, preparing to reprogram my overview.


Geaux Tiger said...

Argg. Wish I had seen this before you reinstalled. I could have told you how to save all your settings. It is as simple as copying two folders before uninstalling, then putting them back where ya copied them from.

Oh well. Glad to hear you can log in now. Good luck getting everything set-up again. :) (not sarcastic)

Anonymous said...

Well you're not alone. I spent Sunday doing the same thing. Posted about it in my blog.

Ivanneth Maethor said...

Geaux - Which folders are these? For future reference? ^_^

Roc - I saw that. Nice dramatisation :)

Geaux Tiger said...

In windows Vista:

You will see the settings folder and bookmarks folders in there. Copy those before uninstalling. Then after the reinstall, just put them back and write over the existing files. Has worked twice for me so far. But I'm not responsible if anything goes wrong with your comp :P

Varakkys said...

C:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Local Settings\Application Data\CCP\EVE\c_program_files_ccp_eve_tranquility in XP

And how do you change colour schemes? I can't stand the horrible brown Empyrian Age look, I'd love to get the blue Trinity one back

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