Monday, 6 October 2008

Save the Last Yarr

Someone brought up an interesting point in a conversation earlier: now that popping a ship incurs far greater penalties than before, Eve is likely to see a slow decline in the Weekend Warrior population. I remember when I started with Atrocitas; during our down-times between wardec contracts, people would pirate in the areas around Stacmon, since it was only a matter of a couple hours' ratting to bring ourselves back up to full operational status. Now? Casual pirates may not be so eager to engage frequently in a far more costly activity, or may turn anti-pirate in an attempt to get their pvp fix without risking nullsec or standings loss.

Is Eve destined for a greater division between casual pvpers and hardcore pirates? What do the rest of you think?


Kirith Kodachi said...

I've heard from corpmates that casual piracy is on the downturn due to the sec status hit. Stories of opponents sitting there at a gate staring at each other, waiting for the other to shoot first, etc.

Ivanneth Maethor said...

It seems a shame that things are going that way. Eve used to be more fun =(

Anonymous said...

Hardcore piracy will become even more hardcore.

Look at it this way, if piracy was easy, everyone would do it. It kind of gives piracy a new romantic mystique as not everyone's doing it now.

Standoffs will occur, people will think twice and those of us who are outlaws will pop them while they debate the issue. :P

Ivanneth Maethor said...

Ga'len - when Atrocitas gained its first industrial corp, K.O.R, the non-combat pilots in there took a look at the sec status of the majority of the people in the alliance channel and apparently were rather daunted by the number of people we must have killed to fall so far.

I suppose, being on the other side of the issue, it's not easy to see things the way non-pvpers do ^_^

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