Friday, 28 November 2008

On Writing Eve Fiction

I want to take a moment to apologise for the abominable length of the third chapter... I really didn't want it to go that way. Alas, the Muse, harsh mistress that she is, kept me working on it til it was 'finished'. What I have learned is this:

Never, ever attempt to write a fictional roaming op again.

I don't know why I decided it was a good idea. I have no head for tactics (one reason why I refuse to FC) and really am not good at visualising situations like that. It ended up a twocked mishmash of several of the more unpleasant ops I've been on in the last year (though with a far more sensible FC than we had on that first Irmalin incursion; I still hold Inz and OAM responsible for that Utter Failsauce event which saw our entire fleet decimated); the Eris is a nod to ExM who forced us through a gate into its bubble and proceeded to squish us with all the passion of a kid stepping on ants (ahh, Exquisite Malevolence, how I miss being on uncertain standings with you).


This chapter really does sum up my earliest Eve experiences, including the pants-shitting terror of my first nullsec excursions. I'm pleased with how I was able to keep all names fictitious (no existing characters or corporations were abused in the writing of this story), and I was trying hard to translate Eve -- complete with crazy character names, text-chats and random system crashes -- into an in-character experience.

This story is set well before the speed-nerf. People have probably noticed I've given support crews to frigates -- as I responded to Ombey's post on the Eve Library forums, it seems foolish to assume that nothing will break that a pilot enclosed in a pod cannot fix: I figure a minimum is four crew plus someone to keep an eye on the capsule and make certain everything is interfacing properly. It doesn't matter to me if the Devs finally admit that there's only a capsule in a frigate -- a ship the size of a Boeing 747 jet cannot function safely with one person alone :p

But anyway, apologies for any of the glaring errors and stupid tactical decisions I put in Chapter Three. I'm trying!


Bahamut said...

OK, first off NEVER EVER EVER apologize for your hard work. You may think it sucks but it's up to the reader to make up his or her mind on it. If they think it sucks, then that's their problem. If they've got a brain they'll actually give you constructive criticism... and if not, fuck 'em.

The greatest artists in the world constantly hate their work. They want to kill it with fire every time they are confronted with it. If you think you've done well you're only closer to complacency. Never be happy with your work, but never stop working.

I'd be more that honoured to have you on-board with this EVE-fiction podcast project I'm putting together. Check out my blog to learn about it and let me know.

IMO, actual EVE mechanics and gameplay is very difficult to make engaging in print, even though the rest of EVE is conducive. I've run into the same issue with the final chapter of my fiction. When I post chapters 9 and 10, let me know what you think.

CrazyKinux said...

Please do not EVER EVER EVER stop writing and publishing your EVE fiction. This goes out to the two of you and to anyone else writing in the New Eden universe. I live for the stuff.

You never know where this might lead. Just check out TonyG.


Ivanneth Maethor said...

@Gigaer - it'd be cool to get involved with that. And no, I have a lot of work that embarrasses me. I show my portfolio around and I can't even look at people's faces while they flip through it! But I can't stop.

@CK - I couldn't stop writing if I tried, I'd go mad. I have three novels in progress and just sold a story to an indie magazine not too long ago -- in addition to the Eve-fic here! Some people take drugs or seek the next adrenalin rush; I write ^_^

Anonymous said...

As other said, no need to apologise !

Nicely written, a pleasure to read and as somebody living in syndicate, I can confirm the description was very accurate and 100% reflective of the place :)

Ivanneth Maethor said...

Haha nice to know it hasn't changed since I was in Tygris ^_^ I did used to be one of the MHC gatecampers ;)

Carole Pivarnik said...

For some reason, every time I try to comment from my laptop, it fails! Arrrghhh!

Anyway, you've nothing to apologize for. Your writing is wonderful...your writer's "voice" is unique and that is not easy to accomplish. I bet, given five paragraphs from five different writers, I could pick yours out immediately.

Leumas said...

As the others said, please don't apologize for your writing. If we didn't want to read it, we wouldn't be here.

Keep it up. We will keep coming back.

Ivanneth Maethor said...

Aw, thanks Mynxee. One of the biggest complaints I got from my Uni professors was that I couldn't write formally enough and spent too much time on style when I should have been using it for substance -- but that's how we ended up with texts that were literally making me fall asleep trying to read :p It appears to be an incurable asset.

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