Thursday, 20 November 2008

Tickled Red

I logged in a couple days ago, and in one of my channels two of my friends cracked up laughing.
Freyya > yay! shae's red now too :P
Shae Tiann > what'd I do this time?
Tavon Wulfe > Hehe I find it amusing to see Freyya's alliance blue to KOR... and Shae's red to KOR
It seems the movement of Doom Armada to Derelik has opened up a whole new brand of targets; namely, CVA and friends.

Now, see, I like being neutral in the larger issues of Eve politics. No diplomatic stress, no land-grabbing POS wars. I mean no offense to anyone who does care about it, but the larger player-based issues mean little to me (except when I heard BoB pets had forced Atrocitas out of Arzi -- you used to be able to look at ship-kills for the past hour and that system glowed red, man, it was beautiful! And now it's dead... makes Shae a sad kitty) and anyone who wanders through is a potential target unless deliberately set to blue for us or the Bastards.

I love a good story, so I asked Sicks, our alliance CEO, what had happened:
Shae Tiann > Sicks, Doom Armada is set red to CVA and friends
Shae Tiann > jsyk
Sicks > woohoo!
Sicks > that was quick
Shae Tiann > how long you been out there? a day?
Shae Tiann > :p
Sicks > like 3
Sicks > but so far i've received like 4 or 5 mails about people wanting their ships refunded
Sicks > and last night some guy was yelling at mattu for 'performing an act of piracy, which is against CVA rules'
Sicks > he asked me to join a channel so i could see who we're allowed to shoot and who we're not allowed to shoot
Sicks > and when i told him we didnt give a shit about cva's rules he asked me to join a different channel so i could speak to a diplomat and get my standings sorted
Sicks > it was like, cmon buddy, i think you're missing the point
No offense intended to CVA, but that attitude makes me want to stick a jumpclone out there and join the party. It's the same attitude that started the war in Arzi between Atrocitas and Mashen T'plak nearly a year ago. I don't know what it is, precisely. Maybe it's the assumption that everyone is there to play 'nice' and will gratefully join the happy little Barney & Friends troupe when given the option. It makes me want to shoot things. Their things, to be precise. Just for spite.

I'm a nice girl, really...


Carole Pivarnik said...

You're such a rebel, girl. A Hellcats Gold Star for you for attitude! If DG3N seems committed to staying out there, I am planning to put a jump clone and some ships there. LOLs to be had all over New Eden these days, it seems. Being a pirate and not giving a shit about anyone but your closely held friends in blue is so wonderfully freeing.

Kirith Kodachi said...

I'm a distant part of the CVA & pals group and yeah a lot of them seem to get that snooty attitude. Kill em all I say. ;)

But come after my posse and I'll have something else to say *evil grin*

Ivanneth Maethor said...

Oh, Kirith... is that a promise? :D

Anonymous said...

Nice work :)

CVA are a real piece of work, look forward to hopefully seeing you in providence wrecking havok

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