Tuesday, 6 January 2009

That's No Way To Address A Civilised Pirate!

I was relaxing in the hangar lounge this afternoon with a cup of coffee and a comic book for company, only half paying attention to alliance comms when RoninData of the Bastards called in saying he'd found an Onyx solo-camping the Evati gate in Todi. Assuming others of the alliance would be quick to jump for the kill, I continued reading. Then:
RoninData > so i have this onyx tackled, anyone help me?
Clearly, nobody had been interested or they had been paying less attention than I had. I dropped the comic, knowing Ronin would need backup breaking the Onyx's tank, and headed for my hangar. I asked in comms what sort of ship would be needed, but my feet were already carrying me towards the place where my Myrm, the Firestarter was berthed. If it was gate action, I'd be needing her tank, even though the camper had got himself flagged.

Once in space, I got a sitrep from Ronin and barrelled towards the gate. There was a non-blinky Kestrel on the Evati side which Ronin said he thought was the Onyx's scout, which meant the Onyx likely knew I was coming through. In Todi, I found Ronin's Typhoon not quite able to keep up with the smaller heavy interdictor's attempt to burn away from the gate as it tanked the sentry guns. Fortunately, I caught up quickly and between the two of us and the gate sentries the Onyx's tank collapsed. The pilot barely escaped with his pod.

As we were cleaning up the mess there a week-old pilot by the dubious title of 'Unknown 234987' dawdled past in a Brutix. I'd already turned Firestarter towards the gate, and as the Brutix landed, Ronin said, 'Jump and catch him on the other side! I've been trying to get his Myrmidon all day.' I didn't think I'd be fast enough, but Mr Unknown was clearly not on the draw as he decloaked and I was able to drop a scrambler pulse through his warp drive. The sentry guns whirred to life and started firing as I sicced Valkyries on the other pilot, then got in range with my blasters. The Brutix had released drones of his own, an adorable flight of four Hammerhead 1's which I briefly considered shooting, then realised it wasn't worth it -- the damage was negligible compared to what the sentries were doing to my armour. Ronin arrived to join the party, thankfully distracting the sentry fire from myself and my drones.

Unknown234987's ship went down quickly, and again he didn't manage to warp out fast enough and his pod was caught as well. Before a ransom attempt could be initiated, the unfortunate pilot broadcast into Local:
Unknown234987 > c*nts
Which was not the most productive response he could have offered. 'Say that to the clone bay, fish face,' Ronin retorted as his autocannons shredded the pod and vented Unknown's corpse into hard vacuum.

He couldn't have been more than 5 seconds out of the cloning vats when he penned me the most viciously offensive mail I've yet received.
2009.01.06 18:01
cock suckin c*nt
A little outrage is generally expected, but Unkown234987's way of expressing it was a bit extreme, not to mention juvenile. There really is no call for that sort of language.

This does, however, make the first actual hate-mail I've ever received in over a year's-worth of piracy. Which is yet another point on the List of Bastardry I can now tick off.

Cheered by that thought, I retreated to a deep safe spot to wait out my criminal timer and repair my armour. When I returned to my hangar, one of my techs had thoughtfully kept my half-full mug of coffee warm.

OOC: mildly edited as I discovered the college computers would no longer allow me to access my blog due to the offensive language o_O


Mynxee said...

There's a reason we pay those techs so well! Ah well...at least you got a hate male that is notable, however despicable. Worst I've ever gotten was a semi-regular evemail from a victim stating, "I'm still angry!"

Sard Caid said...

It's a bummer when pilots can't take a loss with dignity. Too bad your first bit of hate mail wasn't any more amusing.

At least you could easily petition the player for harassment and grief him further.

GBSabre said...

Nice write up Shae ...

I agree with Sard, petition his ass.
If you can't take getting killed in this game, it's time you found another one.

P.S - If you are going to vent, at least put a bit of effort in and be creative.
eg. "I hope your parrot gets infested with crabs you lowlife pirate" .... see ... that didn't take much did it :)

WTM said...

Wow, he's "special".....

Unfortunately petitioning him, won't cure that aspect of him as a person, but it's one way to lessen the number we all have to deal with in game.

X1376 said...

I think we grow with game. If he had 4 Tech 1 drones, it seems to be silly young character without anchored moral of New Eden harsh life. I remember that I once replied in local to an enemy I hated for some time due to impact he had on our miners on his: "I am back in 20mins" harsh: "Just f*c* off..." That comment was biting me for months. Later, as I grow myself and finally understood how to honour my enemies, our relationship changed more into cold love affair. He had bad times later as Russians ant army strolled over Mostly Harmless space, still we met later on roam deep in their space. It was nice to convo him and had short chat about nothing. :) It felt just right.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm debating the mind of you mentally challenged adult (who acts like he is 9) who called you a rather vicious name... is like debating a donkey about what an ass he is (donkey ..not mule). The victim has obviously lost his senses and certainly doesn't have any morals. We need to feel pity for the 'lost' and the 'mentally infirm', pity I say can you imagine what he must go through when the worst insult he can think of , is calling you a name of something he has never seen?..pity the fool i say pity him indeed. Listen not to the 'Chattal'.

Alexia Morgan said...

I say get him suspended from the game for his language. He'll never do it again, or never come back. Either of those results would be fine by me. We need less people like him around.

Shae Tiann said...

I already logged a petition last night. Got the standard 'thanks for telling us; we'll look into it' response, but at least it's there.

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