Thursday, 2 July 2009

It's like fencing

My brother sent this picture to me yesterday, asking if I remembered that. As if I could possibly forget! We were both on the Miel-do-jun team in school; Dad took this picture of me, Valar and my classmate Irade training.
Miel-do-jun is a gladiatorial contest incorporated from the Jin-Mei after they were absorbed into the Gallente Federation. Blood-sport, however, did not appeal in the technologically advanced empire, and it quickly became translated into holographic fighters controlled by players wearing full-body VR-control rigs. Professional Miel-do-jun fighters train rigorously and their interface with the control rig is enhanced through specialised cybernetic implants. Like most sports, Miel-do-jun is accessible to the public through home-size holographic projection tables, and most Gallente schools have teams for interscholastic competition.


This is the result of the first Art Challenge between myself and Helicity. Hel asked me to do a picture of 'Gallente indoor sports, played by young people'. This nearly went a very wrong direction; fortunately, I managed to rein in my imagination a little :p

I asked Helicity to paint a 'small provincial Amarrian shrine' and I think he did a fantastic job with it ^_^