Monday, 27 July 2009

When Worlds Collide

My boyfriend, Churches, recently came back to playing Eve a few months ago, after being unsubbed for longer than I've been playing. I'll admit, it was mostly my fault: I dragged him to Utrecht to meet Phelaen, Creesch and Dark Sinister from my first corp, then met with Randgris from The Bastards in Amsterdam. I guess the hours spent geeking out lit the fires again, because he resubbed and hopped back into his mission-running ships.

I've even started to get my darling career carebear considering pvp. He's started thinking about fighting rather than running if he gets caught in lowsec, and he recently took a chance and blew up a Retriever which was afk-piloting around. Bless, the guy even hate-mailed him, til Chu asked why he was afk in lowsec and the other guy admitted that, okay, it was dumb, he wasn't thinking, and he'd have done the same if their roles had been reversed.

*sniffles* I'm so proud of him ^_^

At any rate, he has a great way of looking at the world. We had lunch today, and in amongst the idle chat as we sat in the sun in the park behind his office, Chu had an interesting thought about the perspective in Eve:
'There's all these people toiling away on planets to make ends meet, and they know that, way above them in space, there are these capsuleers who are fabulously rich and fly ships that can blow up moons. They seem so heroic and powerful to all those people stuck on the planets, and everyone wants to be those capsuleers, it's something to really aspire to.

'And then you look at the conversation between two of these massively powerful pilots and they're saying:
'You're gay!'
'No, you're gay!'
'Aw, yer mum!'
I laughed so hard, because it is so true.

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Anonymous said...

Phelaen is a flake. Yeah the ex-m00 Corp member also named Frankenator. I know him well. I only met one other person who did not lie when I played eve. Zero Threat.

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