Thursday, 5 March 2009


Because I have been insanely busy with RL stuffs this week, I present for your amusement a little snippet from Bastards alliance chat.

[17:54:42] Jorge Belda > its your fault :P i'm just sitting here doing my college work dancing around in my seat to Hybrid
[17:54:55] Jorge Belda > makes me all happy and silly :P
[17:55:58] Shae Tiann > Hybrid is good shit
[17:56:00] Jorge Belda > need to get I choose noise
[17:56:09] Shae Tiann > yes you do
[17:57:50] Jorge Belda > ah you twisted my arm Shae - its being purchased now
[17:58:08] * Shae Tiann didn't touch Jorge
[17:59:15] Shae Tiann > tempting to play with his hair though...
[17:59:28] * Jorge Belda blushes
[18:00:04] * Jorge Belda sits quietly in the corner
[18:00:41] Shae Tiann > tsk, you're no fun
[18:01:03] * Jorge Belda sits quietly in the corner waiting for shae to approach
[18:01:38] * Jorge Belda pushes himself up off the floor and walks to the bar for a strong drink
[18:01:39] Shae Tiann > lol
[18:03:50] * Jorge Belda feels a strong feminine presence behind him
[18:04:11] Shae Tiann > (psssst, it's Flash)
[18:04:32] Jorge Belda > *snorts*
[18:04:43] Shae Tiann > heehee
[18:04:43] flashfresh > LOL
[18:04:55] Jorge Belda > dammit, you just made me shoot coffee out my nose :(


Myrhial Arkenath said...

Confirming that made me chuckle IRL.

cain jacobi said...

thats very funny stuff shae

Mynxee said...


Geaux Tiger said...

"Jorge Belda feels a strong feminine presence behind him"
"pssst, its Flash"

Aw man, that's just great :D

Anonymous said...

Damn it, we need some girls in our corp. Geaux, why can't you be a lady?!

Sard Caid said...

/me suggests a wig and a pair of socks filled with flour tied together and hung from the neck

@ post: FLASH! AAaaaahhh! Cute that he gave coffee a ride! =)

Helicity Boson said...

OMG you guys need to invite me on a crazy romp sometime. I got tech 1 frigs to burn (literally)

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