Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Encounter with the Shadow of Death

I've been spending some time back and forth between Evati and Molden Heath, doing some quiet roaming to get used to the area and figure out where I really should not shoot people lest I get blobbed by the locals. It's an odd area, a different dynamic from what I'm accustomed to, though most of that may be that all of my work beforehand has been based from a system where my associates at the time held supremacy.

I was chilling out in the bar in the station I'd decided to base from in Egbinger, curled up in a chair with a glass of hot spiced apple brandy, still plugged into the local network and arranging to get gear shipped to both Egbinger and Evati when my personal comms pinged for a private convo.

A scan of Local and found not only the pilot but three of his mates in the system. Curious, I accepted the convo, and he left it as quickly as it opened.

Ah-ha. Gotcha.

Some people don't seem to have mastered the art of checking a pilot's info without opening a conversation. I wasn't going to let this guy, one Eon Drake of German Arnima Corp, get away so easily, and decided to poke a little.
[20:14:28] Shae Tiann > can i help you, Eon?
[20:14:45] Eon Drake > yes
He went quiet.
[20:15:11] Shae Tiann > /emote waits patiently for elabouration
After a moment, their intentions in the system were revealed, and I cracked up laughing, drawing curious stares from the other patrons:
[20:16:55] Drummer 061 > come out the station :D
[20:17:32] Shae Tiann > so you can gank me? ^_^ thanks, but foursomes aren't my thing
[20:19:38] McMelch > alright, i liike threesomes more, too
[20:20:17] Shae Tiann > aw, now we wouldn't wanna make my boyfriend jealous
[20:20:25] Shae Tiann > /emote gets cosy in the station lounge
[20:20:42] Drummer 061 > what is cosy?
[20:20:49] Shae Tiann > comfortable
[20:22:49] McMelch > it's not necessary that your boyfriend see us o0
[20:23:19] Shae Tiann > ah, but I'm a one-man kinda girl
[20:23:56] McMelch > i feel sad to hear that :(
[20:24:06] Shae Tiann > sorry, dear
[20:24:38] McMelch > ah, i can handle hits like that
Apparently bored with flirting and realising I wan't going to hand myself over to be shredded, they drifted around awhile and eventually their icons disappeared from Local without even a word of farewell.

That's antipirates for you: heartbreakers, every one.


Sard Caid said...

I feel beholden to chat with victims of show info misclicks, or at least say "Wups, sorry" before ending the convo.

I hope the standing list I managed to send you helps. I really want to nudge you away from the station and start you on roams looking for fights, rather than for intel on who not to fight. One typically discovers the blobbers by being blobbed. You can't know whether or not a target's corpmates in local are going to help or not unless you try. It's surprising to discover how often all those friends of the guy you're shooting at are AFK, busy, or just don't care.

Hopefully when I get my connection back I'll be able to instigate some violence with you.

Cake said...

I don't know about your RL sex. But doesn't the sex smack, etc, jokes, get tiresome?

Shae Tiann said...

@Cake - Sometimes. It really depends on my mood, and the last week or so I've just been feeling playful. When it comes to dirty-minded chatter, most women can give as good as we get ;)

Myrhial Arkenath said...

Nicely handled, at least you got him to play along.

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