Thursday, 5 February 2009

Nullsec Changes Hands. Again.

There's not much I can say about today's events that others haven't already said. Because my priorities last night involved spending some quality time with Chu, I missed the initial furor that washed through New Eden's communications systems like a tsunami (what? doesn't everyone turn their comms off when they take time to tear their partner's clothes off and... well, I'll skip the details). By the time I caught up with events, I was reading the ripples that generate from the aftershock.

There are no heroes, here. No anti-heroes, either. This is not an homage to Istvaan Shogatsu, there was neither patience nor art involved. Goonswarm should not be accepting this windfall as if it is their due and Band of Brothers is solely responsible for their fate.

The information I have gleaned from the various infosources collates as follows:
Someone with director-level access to BoB's holding corp is disgruntled, and in a fit of pique handed the keys over to Goons.

The perpetrator is BoB's creation: they made themselves vulnerable by not being more cautious in whom they placed their trust, and through internal issues, made him upset enough to betray them.

The behaviour as witnessed in Goonswarm's press-release audio recording was juvenile in the extreme. Others have mentioned this as well: rarely have I heard such overt hatred expressed so shamelessly.

Band of Brothers will rebuild. They will clean the house which their long-running frat-party has so liberally trashed. They may even emerge the stronger for this; who can say? Goons will do everything within their powers to utterly fuck up everything of BoB's which has been left vulnerable in the mean-time.

And we who prowl the narrow boundary between Concord control and capsuleer space, will reap the benefits by continuing to shoot and ransom their pilots. C'est Eve.


Geaux Tiger said...

Wait, wait, wait...I want some details here!!!

Tony said...

JUST EXACTLY HOW I FEEL (and I felt I needed to shout it)!

Myrhial Arkenath said...

Personally I would be highly surprised if BoB did not rise again. Rogue directors is something that kills a small corp, not an entire alliance.

Quintrala said...

Yah, I think they will be back. But talk about changes ;)

What I would like to see -but think won't happen- is the in-character story of this, by BoB. Just imagine what you could do with this stuff! Go with the flow!

Anonymous said...

Details are a good thing ;) especially when you tease us so girl, great writer, and Internet spaceships make for a deadly combo! Good Summary, although part of me does get grumpy whem people celebrate the downfall of anything...irritates me to NO end, so thanks for bring some rational thought back into the mix.

PsycheDiver said...

I'm doubtful, yet hopeful that your predictions of BoB's future will come true.

My worry is that nullsec will turn into an us. vs. Goons situation. The Goons have never hidden the fact that they'll ruin other people's play experience if it means they can gain from it.

I mentioned this, and the idea of an anti-goon coalition, on my blog. Perhaps I should expand on the idea in a future post.

Anonymous said...

And calling to the more important part of your post........


Mynxee said...

Less blues, more targets. That's my motto.

Shae Tiann said...

@GT - but it's so much more fun to watch people inadvertently speculate on the unshared details ;)

@Tony - Thanks ^_^

@Myrhial - Exactly. BoB is not small, it's had years to build itself up, and just because the legal infrastructure is temporarily gone (notice they have a new alliance already?) does not mean the management are pulling a headless chicken routine.

@Quin - Wouldn't that require the people involved to have character in the first place? ;D

@Manasi - More people should look at issues from both sides

@PD - Define 'us'. Personally, I'm not anti-anything, I'm anti-everything. No offense, but if you start splitting hairs that way, you risk becoming just another hypocrite.

@Venon - YARR! >=3

Tony said...

No problem.

Worg said...

"The behaviour as witnessed in Goonswarm's press-release audio recording was juvenile in the extreme. Others have mentioned this as well: rarely have I heard such overt hatred expressed so shamelessly."

That's the whole point of Goonswarm though. Juvenile behavior is their entire mission statement.

I will be very interested to see what comes of all this. Say what you want about GS or their griefing tactics but a lot of people did not like BoB in the least, and for a lot of good reasons IMO. Everything about BoB is fishy.

I wish them luck maintaining sovereignty over such a large space, in such a weakened state.

FWIW I'm no great lover of Goonswarm either. I think large empires aren't good for the game.

Shae Tiann said...

@Worg - I'm no fan of either side. I have friends flying under or supporting both banners; I'll shoot a Goon as readily as shoot a Bobbit. I'm simply less than impressed with the way to situation has been handled.

Anonymous said...

So far BoB has not put up a strong defensive front. The foxes control the hen house for now. But, well see how long this is true.

Fly Safe!

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