Wednesday, 11 February 2009

We Have Our Reasons

I've received a fair few convos in the last day from people who are shocked or surprised (and in one case concerned; thank you, hon, that was sweet of you ^_^) to note the lack of an alliance ticker on my info sheet.

Yes, Hellcats has dropped out of The Bastards. alliance. So has The Bastards corporation. No, there is no internal drama which led to this. The alliance, which was initially only so we could take part in the Tournament, is in the capable hands of a holding-corporation.

The two corps are still continuing our close and mutually beneficial association. It's simply a case of it being much cheaper, at this time, to work as independant corporations than as an alliance.


PsycheDiver said...

I'm surprised, obviously, but you're a smart bunch. I trust you've made the best decision.

Mynxee said...

Nicely stated, Shae. Have no doubt, New Eden: Hellcats and Bastards remain tight. Our reasons for dropping out of the alliance are related to game mechanics. I am sure that our blog readers will discern in the very near future why this change of status was made.

Dj Akula said...

Yeah I was wondering about the lack of ticker the other night. thanks for clarifying

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