Sunday, 14 December 2008

All Tomorrow's Parties

Laser light, red, blue and violet, stabbed and sliced through the darkness towards me, tracing arcane patterns through the nebulous haze. A deep, rhythmic pulse thrummed in counterpoint below the shriek, settling into my bones and pushing me faster, barely a heartbeat ahead of the lasers.

It was Saturday night in Evati, and I'd found a club to chill out in.

It wasn't too crowded, but there were enough people to let me know the place wasn't considered a dive, either. The beats were heavy and pounding, the melodies grating square-waves, the vocals by turns sensitive and anarchic. Long-haired men in heavy boots and leather trousers stomped in time while women in tight dresses swayed on platform heels strapped up to the knees. Thin ribbons of incence-laden smoke trailed from burners suspended from the high, arched ceiling.
You don't have to change your mind
'Cause you're beautiful
No matter what you say and what you do
Created for a plastic world
I spent half the time dancing to anything that sounded good, whether I could identify it or not, and the other half people-watching, sipping vodka mixers and resting my feet -- it had been a couple months since I'd last worn these boots, and the height of the heels put a lot of pressure under my toes. In order to conceal the line of capsuleer tech running up my back, I'd opted for a short, high-collared purple dress with gold tracery stitched into the gauzy outer sheath; it covered the tattoos I'd had done on my back, which I was a bit disappointed about, but it was a small price to pay for anonymity. It may have looked strange in a room where most people wore black, but I'd been attending clubs like this since I was old enough to get in the door; there's a level of self-confidence you attain through acclimation which allows you to get away with the most outrageous breaks in custom, and as long as you're having fun, nobody else cares.
One thousand milligrams searching for you
Day turns to night
The dawn meets the sun at the sky
I need you to try
While people would dance with me, nobody made any propsitions -- just as well, since I'd have turned them down. A club like this was the sort of place where people went to see and be seen, to enjoy the music, drink and socialise; walking home with a one-night partner was at the bottom of the priority list. At one point I spotted an old friend of mine, Mebrithiel Ju'wien, among the crowd; we caught up a little and danced to a song before she decided that she preferred the harder music being played in the room downstairs and left with a promise to drop me a convo later.
The rain that falls for weeks
Painting pictures on the streets
Twisted stars beneath my feet
I cruise the crowd
It was a good night, four hours of solid music, the deejays swapping off sets behind the control panels like mad scientists over a fiendish creation. By the time the lights came up, I ached from head to toe, had made a few new acquaintances, and caught up on news with Meico and Metus, neither of whom I'd seen for a while. I staggered back to my quarters feeling happily mellow and plugged into alliance comms while I settled down with a cup of hot chocolate and checked messages. That may have been a mistake, since by the time I actually got to bed the daytime lights were coming on in the station, but hey... it's the weekend, right?


Shae Tiann said...

Meb actually is a friend of mine inRL, and I did run into him at the club; was good to see him again, he's not been online much :(

Manasi said...

:) Whats this RL edging in on EvE, or dare I say it the "mixing" of the two...heavens! :) sounds like fun. If my hearing ( which is really good) could stand the music sounds like a good time.

Shae Tiann said...

Well, since on the very, very rare times I do RP Shae ingame (I blame Stimulus), she's a lot like myself, I figure she'd have been out dancing last weekend, too :) And it's always fun to write about the 'normal' side of Eve, as opposed to the capsuleer-exclusive parts, and give a little more depth to the world.

That being said, I know quite a few Eve-players in Real Life, so it's fun to bring them into the story ^_^

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