Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Unholy Union

Carebears, beware! Tremble in terror, for your worst nightmares have been made flesh and set to stalk among the lawful, consuming ship and pod alike in its march of destruction.

Forged in the abyss of Decon and tempered in the fires of Vitrauze, the Hellcats have come at last to join in a fearsome alliance with The Bastards, that unstoppable force shaped in the crucible of Evati and honed to deadly precision throughout the depths of outlaw space.

May our union be as the burning annihilation of the final apocalypse, and may we leave nought but a wake of destruction in our shadow.


Manasi said...

aww dangit I cannot get my mind out of the gutter...sigh...your whole post has undertones...wait wait..that's me...sigh :) GL to you and the Bastards

PsycheDiver said...

Congrats! Good luck on all your future crimes.

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