Thursday, 4 December 2008

An Intrepid Crossing For Mr Frog

I spent this evening out in the cold taking pictures of the city with my bf, so when I finally logged in on Eve, I discovered I was nearly late to a party.

It was to be a nullsec roam... anyone who knows me will know I despise nullsec, and generally tend to take small, cheap ships since I know I'll get caught in a bubble and popped (it doesn't matter if my last few times there haven't ended that way; it's just resignation to the worst-case scenario). However, when I asked in gang what sort of party dress I should wear, the response was, 'Tank'.

Tank? In nullsec? Hokayyy...

I dusted off my sexy Myrmidon. She's not seen much action since the last patch, but if it was tanks we needed, my Volcano Girl was the logical choice -- she can shrug off sentry-fire for up to ten minutes, solo. A quick check of her drone-bay contents reminded me that I'd borrowed the Warriors for my Ishkur, so I restocked and went out to join the others on the undock point aligned for the first gate... then realised the ship wasn't insured. Yes, I insure my ships, if they're worth insuring. Docked, sorted that issue out, and emerged just as the gang was starting off.

Shortly after we were underway, we got a call for help. The Bastards' own Mr Frog, it seems, had decided to go ratting in nullsec and was being stalked by a handful of locals.

Away we went, tacking against solar winds for Mr Frog's ratting system, popping a hapless Raven pilot on the way -- he had the cheek to suggest we 'hang' there on the gate 'for a while', about a nanosecond before his pod suffered the wrath of pirate munitions.

Who says you can't pirate in nullsec, anyway? Ransom is as ransom does...

Our objective to scare off Mr Frog's stalkers was successful -- they ran as our arrival in the system spiked Local by nine, and we pursued for a bit, mostly just for lolz. Then, as Mynxee and Jorge sat on one side of a gate, with the rest of the gang on the other, their Local started to spike.

It was The Blob, stirring itself from its long slumber, congealing slowly from various nearby systems; some of them had even been ratting, to judge from their ship fittings.

But I'll get to that in a minute.

They started reporting the ships coming in on their scanners: Onyx, Ishtar, Ishtar, Malediction, Domi... Their Local spiked at an additional eleven pilots, an Astarte on the gate started locking them, and FC Kulmid ordered everyone back into the system as the rest of the pursuing fleet hit the gate. We ran before them for a couple of systems before deciding to make a stand on the gate in 1W-0KS.

The Onyx and Malediction followed us in. The HIC the first to decloak, dropping a shiny blue bubble of warp-scrambleyness +10 and getting itself called primary in the process. That melted, while the Malediction decloaked, then ran (it returned later after we were all engaged -- probably the smartest pilot of the lot). The rest of the gang from Intrepid Crossing were appearing around us, like in one of those nightmares where evey time you kill a zombie, two more take its place and there seems to be no end to them. Kulmid called the next primary.

I'm not going to go blow-for-blow through the fight, since to be honest I can't really remember. By the time the Zealot was down, I was being locked up by first the Astarte, then one of the Domis. Four IRC losses later, they finally took me down -- it wasn't until the Raven joined in that my tank couldn't carry through. Keep an eye on that fitting; I have two more in my hangars just like her >:)

According to the Bastards killboard (which doesn't show Mynxee's and my losses) the fight looked something like this.

ISK for ISK, number for number, a gang of nine pirates kicked eleven nullsec warriors' arses, and as soon as we realised what the total outcome had been, there was cheering on Vent, followed by laughter as we pored over the setups on the hulls IRC had lost.

And while our remaining ships collected the spoils from the field, IRC came back... with two Thanatos and an Archon.

By that time I was calling it a night, so I missed the Boss Fight and have no idea how it turned out, but since there are no additional losses on the Bastards' boards, I'll assume the carriers were ineffectual and everyone got out safely.

That run was so totally worth logging in for :D


Manasi said...

Something is off with that onyx setting, I would guess pilot skill or something like that..Not sure why he needs flux coils in the lows..PDU II's would have helped him...sometimes HIC's can put up a nasty fight ( my broadsword is setup to take almosy 90K damage before the fall of her shields which is why I am wondering at the 15K amount on the guys must just have had massive DPS

Jedziah said...

They were mostly in ratting ships and yes, that Onyx was a travesty to the Onyx flying community. Pretty much PDU's or GTFO.

Mynxee said...

A fun fight, though I didn't last very long. Why I didn't have a second repper fit, I have no idea. DOH. Once I had my pod in a safe, it was amusing listening to Kulmid calling primary after primary as they went down--and the rising excitement on Vent as it became clear our gang would prevail. Sure took them long enough to organize a capital response...I think we managed to loot and salvage most of the destroyed ships before the cap ships showed up with reinforcements. Given the scattered state of our fleet by then, everyone headed home.

Oh, and I only just now noticed that Zealot pilot is on the first Raven kill. LOL.

Flashfresh said...

Great write up there and your loot (in fact everyone's) is now safe in the hangars; ready for their return and/or sale.

The cap drop didn't bother us as we had looted everything and we were leaving the system. Jorge and DanMart yelled out that a thorax had appeared on the gate and then a cyno was dropped. Kulmid was left behind due to a CTD but he came back on later and got his 'geddon out too.

Am trying to put the events in some order for a write but we really have to follow Mr Frog more....


Mr Frog said...

Cheers for saving my arse guys =D

Shae Tiann said...

I think if that Onyx had waited for his mates and they'd all jumped together, we'd have been in a lot more trouble. Fail tactics are fail.

Sard Caid said...

Great job of meeting the 0.0 blob pound for pound and prevailing!

Glanced at the myrm fit, and I'll suggest throwing an offlined mod in the last high. It acts as a heatsink, and allows you yo run your mods overheated a cycle or two longer than before.

Shae Tiann said...

Bless, Sard -- I can't overheat. I've not trained Thermodynamics yet, nor Science to 5.

Sard Caid said...

Well, if there was ever a goal for training, thermodynamics would be one. I can't count the number of times overheating one module or another has saved me, provided me a tackle, or creamed the opposition with extra damage. On top of it all, if you pop, your enemy has to repair the modules!

Besides, science to 5 is on the road to Interdictors and HICs, which are incredibly useful ships.

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