Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Eve Life Meets Real Life, Round Two

One of the guys my boyfriend and I run around City of Villains with added us as friends on Facebook earlier this evening. When I went to confirm, somebody else had added me, some total stranger.

He'd left a message, saying he was an Eve player, himself, living in Scotland as well, and that I could drop him a message if I ever felt like flying together.

My first reaction was a fiendish hurrhurrhurr laugh... but since there's nothing I've left visible to strangers on Facebook that indicates I'm an unrepentant rogue (apart from a little comment of 'Flyin' Hellcat, rawr!'), I added him back and responded that if he didn't mind losing sec, he'd be more than welcome to join us in lowsec....

To be continued, eh? ^_^


Mynxee said...

LOL. Bet he hasn't looked you up in EVE yet.

Shae Tiann said...

TBH, I didn't leave my ingame name. Still waiting for a response ^_^

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