Saturday, 6 December 2008

Miners, '49-ers

I have a friend who's an industrialist. He's a fantastic guy, was in Atrocitas with me for a bit, and was kind enough to build my second Hyperion for me.

Today, while he was mining in his Hulk in a 0.8 system, a bunch of noobs decided to try to strongarm him.
[13:35:32] Kai Lomu > telling me i have to seek 'mining rights'
Beg pardon?

As far as I can see, it's practically impossible to stake exclusive mining rights to a system in highsec. Unless the corp is prepared to wardec or hire someone to wardec anyone who challenges them, there's really not much they can do about it.

Virtual Eclipse Industrial Technology, from what I can tell, is a corp of half-year-old nubbins getting too big for their britches. They've target-locked Kai using a Mega, a Brutix, a Wreathe and, most recently, a guy from Mercenary Raiders has joined in the fun in a Drake.

I'm actually quite protective of my Kai. So far, VEIT's antics haven't crossed any lines, but they're getting close, if the DEF3 Drake is a part of it. It's tempting to move one of my alts into his corp in order to back him up if need be ^_^


Mynxee said...

I bet our friend O.U. would dec all the annoyances' corps just for the hell of it. You might mention it to him but I think he reads your blog, as well :) Good to have friends in EVE.

Shae Tiann said...


It looks like it's all just bluster. They sit there, locking him while he's mining away. Fucked off for a bit when he sicced t2 drones on a bunch of rats, then their buddy the 'pirate' (lol) showed up in the Drake.

Like I said, Kai used to be in Atrocitas; he doesn't spook easily, and he's FAR more easygoing than I am!

Ahnog said...

Getting a shot at the bad guys sounds like fun.

Jedziah said...

I will get my friends in Sicarri to war dec this corp just for the insults. Send me the name in game.

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